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The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany

In Digital Archive, Digital Project, Digital Transcription on December 13, 2010 at 6:15 pm

The Civil Rights Struggle, African American GIs, and Germany

This is a truly intriguing project. The website presents the research project of Martin Klimke and Maria Höhn, as well as many others, researching the international aspects of the Civil Rights movement. Funded by a number of German scholarly organizations, as well as some American funders, the project is a joint effort between the German Historical Institute, the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, and Vassar College.

The  information available on the website is extensive. The website features documents, oral histories, movies, and images relating to the African American soldiers and Civil Rights activists in Germany. The site also features a general archive of digital sources that is searchable by source type, author, city, country, event, topic, year, or keyword. While this means that navigating the archive depends heavily on the quality of the metadata entered, it also makes it very easy to narrow in on topics of interest. The site also makes available, or will make available, resources for teaching the material it presents and links to other sources of information on this period and topic. The website presents many resources for a little studied aspect of recent history, and so makes an extensive contribution to historical and digital scholarship.


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